Minokaw Technologies


Laserfiche is the leading global provider of intelligent content management and business process automation. The Laserfiche® platform enables organizations in more than 80 countries to transform into digital businesses. Customers in every industry—including government, education, financial services and manufacturing—use Laserfiche® to boost productivity, scale their business and deliver digital-first customer experiences.

Minokaw Technology knows both Laserfiche Cloud and on-Premise Systems. We advise and recommend, during quarterly and yearly meetings, how to adjust licensing to fit your needs and save your money.

Minokaw Technologies knows how to evolve you from on-premise to the cloud, ensuring each person’s Laserfiche experience is immediate and impactful.

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, Minokaw Technologies teaches and mentors your staff to build and deploy scanning/data capture automation techniques or business processes with us or by us.

Standard Laserfiche Training videos, educational resources and product updates come with annual licenses, plus Minokaw Technologies allows you access to our customized videos pertaining to your individual departmental needs.

Cloud vs On-Premise: Which Should You Choose?

Laserfiche Cloud

  • No on-premise servers needed
  • Updates, versions & Features ASAP from Laserfiche
  • AWS Amazon backups & disaster recovery
  • Cloud-only bots, file share & Laserfiche vault
  • Lower costs to launch

Laserfiche On-Premise

  • Your servers on-premise or cloud-hosted
  • Purchase to own or subscription values
  • Increased licensing flexibility
  • Thick client offline & web client options
  • IT staff required