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About Laserfiche:

Based in Long Beach, California, with global headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Shanghai, Toronto, Mexico, London, Washington, D.C., and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Laserfiche uses its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. Since 1987, more than 35,000 organizations worldwide — including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies — have chosen Laserfiche® ECM software to streamline document and business process management (e.g., accounts payable, case management, third-party and contract management, records management).



    • 27 years in the ECM industry, 34,000+ organizations
    • Strong tradition of government clients informing product development
    • Committed to partnerships with customers


    • Integrated product suite, strategy, and roadmap
    • Make software people enjoy using, with “user-friendly” licensing
    • Strong central control vs. local autonomy
    • Highest standard of security and records management practices
    • Open architecture is a fundamental development principle

Laserfiche Solutions

Laserfiche Rio

With a fundamental design structure engineered to meet the needs of the IT department, Laserfiche Rio is designed to be easy to purchase, easy to deploy, easy to support and easy to extend. Not only can organizations configure their own workflows, customize templates and write their own applications without hiring expensive consultants, but Laserfiche Rio is also flexible enough for department heads to easily customize and manage their own systems without any assistance from the IT department.

The Laserfiche Rio system includes:

  • A licensing server to produce licenses as you determine system topology based on your specific needs.
  • Unlimited Laserfiche content servers that provide document imaging, document management and records management functionality as part of the core architecture—not through separate modules that are stacked together.
  • A feature-rich Web interface that does not require any software to be installed, maintained or updated at the workstation level.
  • Mobile applications that enable you to capture, upload and work with documents while on the go.
  • The Laserfiche Workflow system, capable of automating business processes in high-volume transactional environments, as well as customizing the way the system reacts to user input.
  • A built-in auditing solution for security and compliance.
  • DoD 5015.2-certified Laserfiche Records Management Edition, with integrated records management, security, auditing and reporting capabilities.
  • Production-level document capture and processing to automate document identification, indexing, classification and filing.
  • An electronic forms solution that ensures appropriate action on submitted forms is taken quickly with user-defined approval processes and task lists.
  • Fully customizable, read-only public Web portals, with unlimited public portal licensing.
  • An SDK that includes COM, .NET and Java libraries.

It's this ingenious approach to enterprise information management—with unique features including unlimited servers and repositories, capture workflows and transparent records management—that makes Laserfiche Rio the ideal choice for organizations seeking to maximize agility without sacrificing value.

Laserfiche Avante:

Every organization has its own unique needs. Some are looking for a secure content repository, some need to access information through primary business applications such as GIS or CRM, and some want to enable repeatable processes such as case management, contract management, AP processing and more. Laserfiche Avante is an agile ECM system that can be quickly and easily configured to meet any organization’s needs.

In addition to industry-leading content management to help you store, retrieve and secure your information, Laserfiche Avante includes sophisticated workflow tools to automate content-centric business processes while enabling increased visibility into performance.
Laserfiche Avante empowers your organization to operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably by:

  • Managing all organizational content—both structured and unstructured—throughout its life cycle.
  • Ensuring that information is an asset that is consistent, reliable, useful and available.
  • Facilitating compliance with failsafe security and auditing features. Integrating seamlessly with the applications employees use every day.
  • Streamlining operations by automating manual, repetitive processes.

Enterprise content management software is more than just a simple solution to reduce paper costs and make information easier to find. It is a tool to help your organization operate more efficiently.