Long Beach, CA Slashes Gang Violence with Laserfiche

Long Beach, CA, located in Los Angeles County, CA, is home to about 469,000 citizens. It is the 36th largest city in the United States and the seventh largest in California.

For three generations, Long Beach had experienced gang violence that compromised the safety and well-being of its citizens. To address this public safety issue, the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) launched a comprehensive injunction program to neutralize its gang threat.

The department recently released a video outlining its three-pronged approach to combating gang violence, which includes:

  • Suppression of gangs by leveraging technology and data to strengthen law enforcement efforts
  • Intervention by identifying at-risk youth and making a concerted effort to help them stay in school and out of gangs
  • Rehabilitation, which includes finding innovative ways to move individuals out of the criminal justice system and on a path to gang-free life

The video features an interview with Laserfiche CEO Chris Wacker and describes how Laserfiche helps LBPD officers gain instant access to the information needed to make arrests from their patrol cars.