Laserfiche Cloud in the morning, Yellowstone coyote in the afternoon.Posted: 03/12/2019 | Written By: Bill Helgeson - Minokaw Technologies

I will admit, I am a morning person. I like getting up in the morning before the house starts to stir and have a cup of coffee. I do that while on vacation as well. In the silence of the morning I will work for a couple of hours to push things through our process to make sure I am not the hold-up for anything that needs to be approved. With Laserfiche Cloud, you can work from anywhere. I can start a work process, create a new form, approve any document that needs my signature, all before 8:00am. I know there is a school of thought that says you need to "unplug" while on vacation. I prefer these two hour bursts in the morning to minimize my pile of work when I return. Then it's time to play!